Resolucije / Resolutions

Clinical Guidelines and their use in Dental Practice as Supportive Tool (ENG, SLO)
Dental Chairside Assistant (ENG, SLO)
Dental Prevention Assistant Tasks (ENG, SLO)
Dental Team Tasks and Responsibilities Singapore 2009 (ENG, SLO)
ERO FDI Statement on Collaboration Between National Dental Associations and Dental Faculties 2013 (ENG, SLO)
ERO Guide CE Accreditation (ENG, SLO)
ERO Resolution Delegation within the Dental Team (ENG, SLO)
ERO Statement FDI Vision 2020 July 2013 (ENG, SLO)
Final Draft Statement on Dental Technician Profile (ENG, SLO)
LDPE Resolution 2008 Istanbul (ENG, SLO)
Resolution Dental Hygienist Profile (ENG, SLO)
Resolution Strengthening Liberal Dental Practice (ENG, SLO)
Resolution WG Integration (ENG, SLO)
Self Assessment Tool for Quality in Dental Practice (ENG, SLO)
Statement Data Protection (ENG, SLO)
Statement (ENG, SLO)
Statement No Selective Contracts (ENG, SLO)
Statement On Continuing Medical Education in Dentistry Bangkok (ENG, SLO)
Statement On Liberal Dental Practice in Partnerships Practice Networks and Medical Care Units (ENG, SLO)
Statement On the Role of Dental Technicians in Provision of Dental Care (ENG, SLO)

Politična stališča FDI (angl. Policy Statements)

Action Against Illegal Dental Practice (ENG, SLO)
Adverse Reactions to Resin Based Direct Filling Materials (ENG, SLO)
Advertising in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Amalgam Waste Management (ENG, SLO)
Basic Dental Education (ENG, SLO)
Basic Responsibilities and Rights of Dentists (ENG, SLO)
Basic Rights and Responsibilities of Dental Patients (ENG, SLO)
Bisphenol A in Dental Restorative and Preventive Materials (ENG, SLO)
Classification of Caries Lesions of Tooth Surfaces and Caries Management Systems (ENG, SLO)
Code of Practice on Tobacco Control for Oral Health Organizations (ENG, SLO)
Continuing Dental Education (ENG, SLO)
Dental Amalgam and the Minamata Convention on Mercury (ENG, SLO)
Dental Bleaching Materials (ENG, SLO)
Dental Erosion (ENG, SLO)
Dental Implants (ENG, SLO)
Dental Laboratory Technician (ENG, SLO)
Dental Practice and Third Parties (ENG, SLO)
Dental Unit Water Systems and Microbial Contamination (ENG, SLO)
Dentin Hypersensitivity (ENG, SLO)
Dietary Free Sugars and Dental Caries (ENG, SLO)
Early Detection of HIV Infection and Appropriate Care of Subjects with HIV infection (ENG, SLO)
Effect of Masticatory Efficiency on General Health (ENG, SLO)
Endorsement of ISO Standards (ENG, SLO)
Equivalency of Dental Diplomas (ENG, SLO)
Ethical International Recruitment of Oral Health Professionals (ENG, SLO)
Fluoride in Restorative Materials (ENG, SLO)
Global Goals for Oral Health (ENG, SLO)
Grey Market and Non-compliant dental products (ENG, SLO)
Guidelines for a Code of Ethics for Dental Publications (ENG, SLO)
Guidelines for Dental Volunteers (ENG, SLO)
Guidelines for Dentists against Torture (ENG, SLO)
Improving Access to Oral Care (ENG, SLO)
Infection Control in Dental Practice (ENG, SLO)
International Principles of Ethics for the Dental Profession (ENG, SLO)
Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health (ENG, SLO)
Lifelong Oral Health (ENG, SLO)
Mercury Hygiene Guidance (ENG, SLO)
Minimal Intervention in the Management of Dental Caries (ENG, SLO)
Musculoskeletal Disorders and Dental Practice (ENG, SLO)
National Health Policy (ENG, SLO)
Need and Demand for Oral Healthcare (ENG, SLO)
Noncommunicable Diseases (ENG, SLO)
Occupational Health in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Odontogenic Pain Management (ENG, SLO)
Oral Cancer (ENG, SLO)
Oral Health and Dental Care of People with Disabilities (ENG, SLO)
Oral Health and Quality of Life (ENG, SLO)
Oral Health and the Social Determinants of Health (ENG, SLO)
Oral Health for Healthy Ageing (ENG, SLO)
Oral Infection-Inflammation as a Risk Factor for Systemic Diseases (ENG, SLO)
Oral Health Definition Exec Summary (ENG, SLO)
Partnering for Better Health (ENG, SLO)
Perinatal and Infant Oral Health (ENG, SLO)
Possible Local Adverse Effects of Amalgam Restorations (ENG, SLO)
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HBV, HCV and HIV (ENG, SLO)
Preventing Oral Diseases (ENG, SLO)
Promoting Dental Health through Fluoride Toothpaste (ENG, SLO)
Promoting Oral Health Through Fluoride (ENG, SLO)
Promoting Oral Health through Water Fluoridation (ENG, SLO)
Quality in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Quality of Dental Restorations (ENG, SLO)
Radiation Safety in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Recommendations for Clinical Trials of Restorative Materials (ENG, SLO)
Research (ENG, SLO)
Role of FDI in Dental Ethics (ENG, SLO)
Safety of Dental Amalgam (ENG, SLO)
Salivary Diagnostics (ENG, SLO)
Specialization in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Sports Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Sports Mouthguards (ENG, SLO)
Sugar Substitutes and their Role in Caries prevention (ENG, SLO)
Supervision of Allied Dental Personnel (ENG, SLO)
Sustainability in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Tobacco or Oral Health (ENG, SLO)
Topical and Systemic Antibiotics in the Management of Periodontal Diseases (ENG, SLO)
Topical and Systemic Fluorides in Children with Renal Diseases (ENG, SLO)
Tuberculosis and the Practice of Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
Use of Academic (ENG, SLO)
Use of Acupuncture in Dentistry (ENG, SLO)
WHO Consensus Statement on Dental Amalgam (ENG, SLO)
World Oral Health Day (ENG, SLO)