About Us

The Slovenian Medical Association is the oldest
Slovenian, voluntary, independent, professional,
non-partisan association of physicians, dentists
and final year medical students.


Slovenian Medical Journal

Slovenian Medical Journal is the official professional
periodical of the Slovenian Medical Association
and the Slovenian Medical Academy with the status
of the only national medical journal.


Presentation of the Slovenian Medical Association

Founded in 1861, The Slovenian Medical Association is one of the oldest Central European medical organisations in existence. It is a voluntary, independent, professional, non-partisan association of doctors, dentists and final-year medical students working in the Republic of Slovenia. The association is also open to Slovene doctors and dentists from abroad, as well as to individual non-Slovene doctors who are associated with the medical profession in Slovenia. The Society has more than 100 professional sections, 13 regional societies, 27 professional councils, and currently has more than 4,500 members, or two-thirds of active colleagues in the medical and dental professions.

The mission of the Slovenian Medical Association:

  • to monitor developments in the profession and in health policy, and develop guidelines for specific fields of medicine;
  • to propose new methods of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for specific fields of medicine;
  • to prepare expert opinions, analyses, proposals and assessments for administrations, institutions, and organisations, in line with the latest recommendations from the profession;
  • to transfer professional knowledge and modern medical doctrine to Slovenian doctors;
  • to link Slovenian medical science with the international environment;
  • to present key achievements, insights, innovations, and relevant topics in the field of medicine to the general public;
  • to highlight the issues facing the medical profession;
  • to network with patient associations and other relevant organisations in Slovenia.

The Society performs its mission through its regional network of societies, thus ensuring a steady and rapid transfer of professional doctrine and knowledge in Slovenia, and through its professional associations, which bring together experts in specific sub-specialities (sub-units of the Slovenian Medical Association). These professional associations are organised in such a way as to cover the fields of the individual core specialisations in Slovenia in accordance with the requirements of the UEMS and to also ensure the transfer of knowledge for those multidisciplinary specialities that do not yet have their own specialisations.


The Slovenian Medical Association is a member of World Medical Association (World Medical Association) and the European Forum of Medical Associations and WHO. The professional associations, societies, and sections of the SZD are members of the Union European des Medicin Specialiste.

Zdravniški vestnik

The Slovenian Medical Association, together with the Slovenian Academy of Medicine, publishes the professional journal, Zdravniški vestnik. Although the work in the Society is voluntary, the members have always managed to maintain a high level of professional activity and independence, never succumbing to political pressures. The Slovenian Medical Association continues to be one of the cornerstones of civil society.


Due to the success of the Slovenian Medical Association in transferring professional knowledge, managing and organising continuing postgraduate education and training, as well as the preparation of the content of specialisations, the Republic of Slovenia has recognised the Association’s status in the field of health care and research activities as being in the public interest. In 2011, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, awarded the Slovene Medical Association the Golden Order of Merit on the occasion of its 150th anniversary for its contribution to the development of the medical profession, for promoting the high ethical values of medicine, and for its contribution to the development of social, professional and general culture in Slovenia.

Congress of the Slovenian Medical Association

The main event of the Slovenian Medical Association is the SZD Congress, which takes place in October. This annual event is dedicated to the discussion and exchange of views on a highlighted professional topic. The event also includes the awarding of professional titles (Primary) and special awards to honorary members of the SZD for their contribution to the work of the Society.